Our store is located in Ishinomaki Miyagi eastern Japan.
This area was greatly damaged by the disaster of big earthquake and huge tsunami that hit East Japan in 11th March 2011.  Now we are still in reconstruction.
We would like to produce local distribution and employment by selling traditional products in eastern Japan.
Now our world seems that the atmosphere of protecting each country is getting stronger. But we are able to know each other’s culture and enjoy the difference and it will eventually lose the wall of our mind.
We believe Japanese nostalgic and warm items will be one of the start of mutual understanding.
We’re grateful to have met you.


Light house

2-5-22 Tachibachi, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken, 988-0824
TEL 0225-94-5038
FAX 050-3488-5004
Business contents Sales of miscellaneous goods, purchase
Old business license permit Miyagi Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 221110001468
Business start April 2007